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About us


Business Company MINEL DINAMO Ltd. was founded in 1946 as DINAMO electric power company and it was the pioneer in this business activity in Serbia. In November 2004, the company was privatized, and, in 2010, the company was moved from its old premises on Cukarica, Belgrade to the new production and service facilities in Barajevo.

In December 2013, the production of distribution transformers was restored inour new production facilities.

Oil distribution transformers of ratedpower ranging from 50 to 1600 kVA- 10, 20 or 20/10 kV of high voltage and 420 V of low voltage, are manufactured on our latest production lines.
In addition, for more than 65 years, we have maintained and overhauledthe distribution and power transformers at our premises as well as in the field, and we have performedall kinds of repairs and general overhauls at our premises, too.

We possess extensive longstandingexperience in the servicing and revision of substations along with the delivery of checklists of the examination and inservicing of electric power equipment and plants, as well as in regular and intervention services of substations and other electric power equipment.

Weinstall the power factor correction equipment based on the measured values. We also deliver the checklist from our accredited laboratory for all sorts of interventions on the equipment and for the performed measurements. Production processes and technology are based on our own knowledge and experience as well as on the business and technical cooperation with the companies dealing with the similar activities and with the users of our services.

We work in accordance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 quality standards of which we possess adequate certificates.

We have been the leaders in the area ofelectric power equipmentservice, not only in Serbia, but in the whole region for a long period of time and we are one of the most significant partners of our customers.