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Manufacturing of Transformers


Since December 2013, ‘Minel Dinamo’ Ltd. has restored the manufacturing of distribution transformers at the new manufacture facilities in Barajevo.

Oil distribution transformers of rated power ranging from 50 to 1600 kVA- 10, 20 or 20/10 kV of high voltage and 420 V of low voltage, are manufactured on our latest production lines.

In the process of transformer manufacture we use only the materials of the highest quality produced by the world leading manufacturers: Weidmann, Krempel, ThyssenKrupp, Amorim etc.

Owing to the quality of our transformers, we are the only manufacturer on the market which provides a 36-month guarantee along with the provided maintenance service on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.
Within the manufacture process we apply the construction and technology which guarantee the following:

  • Insulation level >50 Gohm
  • Voltage endurance of 50 kV (the standard demands 28 kV, for the transformers of high voltage 10 KV)
  • Winding resistance <1%
  • Lowered steel sheet losses of the transformer
  • All the transformers are manufactured in accordance with the norms and standards:
  • IEC 60076
  • EN 50464
  • IEC 60296

We can meetany special request regarding nominal power, electrical characteristics, construction and equipment of distribution transformers.
We also manufacture special transformers on request of our customers.