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Overhaul of 35KV Transformers


Minel Dinamo Ltd. maintainsand overhauls in the field and in the workshops.
Minel Dinamo provides guarantee for completely overhauled transformers as if they were new.
The equipment used for the examination of the latest generation of transformers provides complete troubleshooting and issuing of the examination checklists upon the overhaul.
If needed, we provide replacement transformers of appropriate power for the voltage of 35 kV for our customers while theirs are being repaired.
Within the repair service, we also offer the following services:

  • designing, manufacture and installation of new LV and HV windings;
  • modifications of voltage and electric current characteristics of a transformer according to the requests of the customer;
  • manufacture and installation of accessories (voltage regulator, clamping rings etc.) made of high quality insulation materials;
  • manufacture and installation of conservators as well as change of all spare parts;
  • filtering, drying and vacuuming of existing transformer oil of dielectric permittivity of over 220 kV/cm;
  • pouring of new, filtered transformer oil in adequate quantities;
  • issuing of adequate attests for transformers and all other installed parts including transformer oil.

We repair oil leakage at all sealing places with transformers of all rated powers and voltage levels in the field. We also perform transformer oil filtering.