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Rubberized Cork

Since June 2013, Minel Dinamo, for the purpose of improving quality of overhauling and repairing of transformers, has begun with the import of rubberized cork for the sealing of transformers ‘TD 1049’, which is manufactured by ‘Amorim’ Company, Portugal, which is the world leading manufacturer of cork based products.

Rubberized cork manufactured by the ‘Amorim’ Company contains the highest percentage of India rubber resistant to oil and aging which enables durability of sealing of a transformer.

Larger contact area guarantees efficient protection form potential imperfections on the surface of a flange which might lead to the leakage on the couplings.

We offer 1270 x 1040 x 6, 8, 10 mm: ca 950 kg/m3.

We proudly emphasize that Minel Dinamo is the only company from this part of Europe which has established exclusive cooperation in its production process with ‘Amorim’ Company. Thanks to this cooperation, we have raised the quality of our services to the highest level and joined the global companies using gaskets manufactured by ‘Amorim’ Company- ABB, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, SIEMENS, AREVA etc.