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Reactive Power Compensation


Minel Dinamo has dealt with the designing and installation of plants for the reactive power compensation for more than 25 years.
The main characteristic of our work is that there is no ‘universal compensation’ but a unique technical solution is created for each user and the solution is adjusted according to the needs of the user. Our technical solutions guarantee cosφ 0.99 which provides our customers with the highest saving.

Measuring, which is the base of a solution, is performed in the customer’s substation under the conditions of optimal load of the plant.

Since 2007, Minel Dinamo has been recognized as the exclusive partner of ‘Electronicon Gera Germany’ in Serbia, the world leading company in the field of powercapacitor production, producing the power capacitor which last for more than 15 years and being the absolute leader in the world market due to the quality of its products.

In cooperation with foreign partners, we provide our customers with the service of transporting and destroying of power capacitor containing PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) together with the delivery of the confirmation on destruction from our partners from Austria.

Our greatest advantages are that our solutions for the installation of reactive energy compensation provide our customers with the significant savings, and, on the other side, we are the representatives of the highest quality equipment which guarantees the durability.